December 6, 2012 - Easy Bakes and the girls that disagree…

Easy Bake Oven has been around for decades. A 13-year-old girl pleads with Hasbro to change its’ ways.

FILM notes:

Drew Carey Show v. Connie Cho — replaced because she was too fat
Political Efficacy and reality TV’s involvement
Generation of women who lack this interest due to media and it’s critiques
Women were denied health insurance in 7 states if they were a victim of domestic abuse because it’s considered a “pre-existing condition” O…M……….Gee!!!!!! WTF?
Gavin Newsom, former San Fran mayor, “too much, too soon, too fast” about woman police chief and woman fire marshall… most criticism came from women about this.

[FINISH UPDATING — 12/8, spiral pg. 25-26)

November 29, 2012 — The Beast that is Beauty & it’s fairytale ending…

—“You don’t have to be…” adoption spots —MAMA HOPE, “Radi-aids” —WB Coal Black & Seven Dwarfs

*Disney Princess, Feminist Fail **FILM: —“Apogee of Democracy” —“How to be a girl, how to be a boy..” —Beauty and the Beast really surprised me with the candlestick. I never remembered it quite like that. —Tarzan, lack of black presence (in Africa! —Article, “It’s racist, but hey - it’s Disney!” —Hercules (Shopping Scene) —$12 billion market, advertising to kids

November 8, 2012 - “Vote No on Suffrage” it’s the Petticoat Rule

-Twilight Analysis (SCHWAMP Test)
-The Bachelor Effect — (Cinderella Myth)
-Super Sweet 16
—Enforces bad gender roles, “Daddy’s Girl/Princess”
—Teaches that love= Material things

Video takeaways:
“The higher the househould income, the less white bread consumed.” — WHAT?!?
The Upper Class stand 16-19” away from one another during conversation — this shows confidence & “class”
Bright colors make you look richer.

(more to come, spiral/articles page 19)

November 1, 2012 - “Blacks for Romney” and You Play Like A Girl

Hate speech in the video game world is geared toward individauls who don’t fit the typical gamer “mold” (white, young, male.) And though the video game world is not the only “world” to experience this time of diseemation, it’s one of the most profoundly unique worlds of hate.

A simple Google search for “video game hate speech” turns out hundreds of clickable links that lead you to neverending examples of the various things that gamers say to one another. And as several of the videos we watched in class showed, the slurs are nothing short of exhausting & childish. It’s as simple as “video games glorify bullying…” and even the critics agree. []

What makes it unique is the why behind it all. Why do people say such atrocious things? And secondly, do they truly get pleasure out of this type of bullying?

They say these things because their identity is anonymous… there are few consequences… they feel accomplished… and maybe they’re are even bullied themselves. I believe they get pleasure out of this bullying mostly in part of the latter two reasons.

And while we can’t make these two objectives disappear, the more we know - the more people will be better off. There definitely needs to be more education about how to avoid this & the consequences involved.

October 25, 2012 — Lipstick & Short skirts

Apparently, that’s what makes a woman a sex object….. according to Hugh Hefner.

There are so many areas I could touch on about todays class. I wrote down 13 different possible blog titles. I feel like the title truly sets the stage for what you, as the ever-so eager reader, are in store for.

While Show & Tell was exceptionally interesting today, “The Bro Code” stole the show.

A few highlights include topics like: the Maxim definition of a “Maxim Man,” the Kappa Sigs at USC incident, Family Guy, the porn industry and the Richmond rape in 2009.

It also touches on present day examples like MTV’s Jersey Show and “how it didn’t invent sexist values, just reinforces them” and how lower class suburbia believes reality TV is the way things are due to lack of parenting.

One quote stuck with me,
“The notion that Playboy turns women into sex objects is ridiculous. Women are sex objects. If women weren’t sex objects, there wouldn’t be another generation. It’s the attraction between the sexes that makes the world go ’round. That’s why women wear lipstick and short skirts.”

I couldn’t help but laugh inside when I heard this. Really Hef? The fact that people pay monthly subscription fees to get your magazine filled with beautiful women positioned in delicate settings, no clothes on and with a ‘come-here-you' look on their face, all at the tip of their fingers. Last I checked, that's a PHYSICAL object. People are paying money for a product, which happens to be WOMEN. Now don't get me wrong, there are magazines like this for women - but as I'm sure you're aware, they're not highly publicized nor do they have the circulation that Playboy does.

Now why does this matter? Why does this have an effect on our society as a whole?

It’s been this way for years, and while women have different roles than they did when Playboy began, the way women are depicted in the media has changed. Less is more these days, women also seem much easier thanks to reality TV. This is what little kids see every day and aren’t sure how to distinguish right from wrong, or what’s real and what’s staged for TV. This causes quite a bit of damage — self esteem issues, eating disorders, bad habits and not to mention terrible manners.

October 18, 2012 — Cosmo comparisons.

Topics tonight:
-GLBT portrayal in the media
-AdRespect / Free Speech
-“Gay Vague”

This post could go so many different ways, there were so many controversial and interesting things we talked about. The differences in the Cosmo magazine from the 1950’s and today hit home the hardest for me.

Fate decided to send me Cosmo in 2002 - I’ve never received a bill or paid, yet I still get them every month. Cosmo is definitely not journalism, and who knew that it EVER contained educational value?

Cosmo Magazine - Then:

I have to admit, I find most of the articles quite interesting- and if they’re not interesting, they’re comedic and entertaining. So when Jane showed us the comparison photos and the article about how much Cosmopolitan Magazine has changed, it made me wonder “When did this MAJOR change happen?”

So I did some online research…

Come to find out, Cosmo was founded in 1886 as a family magazine, 20 years later it became a literary magazine and eventually evolved into a women’s magazine in 1965.
Why did it change? Subscriber count was dropping rapidly, it was becoming archaic and readers were bored. The first of its kind, the new Cosmo featured articles about cooking, sex, cosmetics and home furnishing…. Many of which are still topics today (add fashion, business and make 90% of the stories about how-to please your man.)

Cosmo Magazine covers - Now:

Sex, sex and more sex. *le sigh* Perhaps Cosmopolitan should take a peek at their old principles and incorporate more literary features again, it might be nice to learn something of value in between Looking Sexy and the 75 Sex Moves Men Crave….

October 11, 2012 — Like the Way You Lie

Eminem + Rihanna = Grammy.

Here’s the thing. I think people are reading far too deep into this song.
Don’t get me wrong, the lyrical content is definitely verging on offensive - but I don’t think Eminem’s intentions were to offend anyone. I think he was just aiming for a Grammy.

Surprisingly, I was more offended by the use of the word “love” in the song. It’s only the most popular word in music, but I feel like with the context of this song - it’s inappropriately used. The set-up of the song de-values/discounts the actual meaning of love. Like would have been much more acceptable… (Note to self, continue with the side by side with “Without Me” and “Diamonds” - journal page 8.)

October 4, 2012 - It’s all about the woman-min’s!

I know it might take a second to understand what that title means, but it’s a spin off of “All about the Benjamin’s.”

Placing women in ads with sexually displayed characteristics has been around for a long while, that’s not news. Jean Kilbourne does a fantastic job of informing the audience and keeping you interested along the way. While she covered nearly every possible angle of the depiction and history of women in ads, I’m left yearning for more. I’d like to find out - just how much money that type of advertising brings in annually.

There are plenty of sites online dedicated to advertising spending/profit/logistics and the breakdown of all things money.

One site I found:

This includes tons of interesting facts and tidbits about the advertising industry in the US.

I agree with Jean. The atrocious depiction of women (in sexual, submissive positions) in advertising won’t go anywhere overnight - but there’s definitely a place for us to make some changes. The way we start is by educating and informing people of the effect it has on our America.

Will it ever change?

(Journal, pg. 12— online articles)

SEPTEMBER 27, 2012 — Paddles, tires and Maybe Calling.

There are so many places I could begin after this weeks class. I’ve found that Show & Tell is definitely my favorite part of class (because of how informative it is) and how much it opens the room for discussion…

I’ve got more to add, but I’ll have to do so later today!

SEPTEMBER 20, 2012 — Are you a dying millionaire looking for love?


This may take a second. What - you may ask? 

Well, to get over the fact that an online “meat market” actually exists. Oh, and this is no ordinary “meat market” like…

There are a few prescreening qualifications:

1) You’re dying, soon.

2) You’re a millionaire, or considerably wealthy.

I was blown away by the article that was shown during S&T - and the fact this is legal. It’s one thing to provide online dating, but it’s a totally different thing to advertise it as a virtual “meat market”. The slang term “meat market” has always been a sore subject for me. Don’t get me wrong — I’m all about comic relief, and I get it. But personally… actual meat markets — and supermarkets in general, gross me out. I’d never want to shop there for a date. This whole man-market concept is creative — yet again, quite innapropriate to be a REAL thing & not some sort of parody. Reminds me of David at the Dentist… — “Is this real life?!!!” This most certainly is, real life. HA!

Sounds like this company may have quite a few ethical problems along the way, if they haven’t already.

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